Case Study The Expanse
Project Partner Audio Post Production
Year 2017
Category Virtual Reality

The Challenge: To create a super-realistic, cutting-edge immersive audio experience for viewers of Syfy Network’s hit series “The Expanse”.


The Outcome: In partnership with SIRT, SpinVFX, and Syfy Network, The Post Office created a virtual reality 360 audio experience for “The Expanse”. The hit series takes place on Mars where a spaceship drops the viewer off in a canyon and where they are attacked by drones and gun fire from all directions.

The VR experience required a unique blend of sound, including diegetic and nondiegetic sound, in-helmet radio chatter (static sourced), and exterior environmental sounds all happening at once within a battle scene.

To meet this challenge, we experimented with a variety of mixing, EQ, audio positioning, and spatialization techniques in order to create a realistic audio experience, allowing the viewer to feel like they’re actually there. Perfecting the 360 audio included: voice over with ambisonic recording devices, ambisonic ADR recording, interactive 360 sound design (gunshots, drones, explosions), and ambisonic mixing (mixing in 360).